Meet the Visionary Behind C K & Company

Chirag Khandelwal(Founder)

(B.Com, FCA) Certificate Course on Concurrent Audits of bank
"A Visionary Leader in Accounting Excellence"

In the year 2013, C K & Company came into existence, driven by the vision and dedication of its founder, Chirag Khandelwal. With a mission to redefine financial excellence, Chirag embarked on a journey that would span nearly a decade, shaping C K & Company into the esteemed firm it is today.

Six Years of Sole Leadership For the initial six years, Chirag Khandelwal single-handedly steered the company, navigating through the intricacies of the financial world with unwavering commitment.

A Multifaceted Expertise Chirag Khandelwal's proficiency spans across a spectrum of financial Realm.

Audit Mastery With a specialized focus on Bank Audits, Concurrent Audits, and Statutory Audits, Chirag ensures financial transparency and compliance, critical pillars of trust in the financial sector.

Compliance Management Services His expertise in Regulatory Compliance,Internal Controls , Risk Management,Financial Reporting and Advisory Services enhanced the firm's capabilities in various financial domains.


Gaurav Jain

(Bcom , ACA)
Meet Gaurav Jain - A Financial Luminary

Gaurav Jain, a distinguished partner at C K & Company since 2021, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the world of finance. With a distinguished career spanning years of service in prominent financial institutions, Gaurav's journey is marked by a commitment to financial excellence.

Banking Expertise Gaurav's professional journey began within the hallowed halls of banking institutions , ICICI , Aditya Birla , and Kotak Bank .

New Business Establishment Gaurav's entrepreneurial spirit shines through his role in establishing new businesses. His strategic vision and meticulous planning have contributed to successful business ventures, further enhancing C K & Company's diverse portfolio.

Project Finance Specialist Gaurav is a seasoned specialist in Corporate and Project Finance, renowned for his proficiency in project appraisal, finance arrangement, and adept liaison with both nationalized and private banks. His track record includes successful syndication of equity and term loans, making him a trusted partner for financial solutions.

Nupur Khandelwal

Guiding Your Tax Journey with Expertise

Academic Excellence Nupur holds an M.Com degree and is a distinguished ACA (Associate Chartered Accountant) and DISA (Diploma in Information System Audit) degree holder. Her academic prowess is the foundation of her deep tax acumen.
Nupur Khandelwal is an esteemed partner at C K & Company, bringing a wealth of expertise in tax consultation, Direct and Indirect Tax Audits, and Tax Assessment and Company Laws to the firm's leadership.

Project Management Expertise With a keen eye for detail and a talent for strategic thinking, Gaurav excels in project management. He navigates complex projects with precision, ensuring successful execution and timely delivery.

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